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shoe size selection technology 

At Universole Fit we go one step further after generating foot and shoe models.

We simulate how a foot fits within every shoe in our database.


Our algorithms find the best foot and shoe match.  

The shoe match making method

Using groundbreaking 3D shoe modeling and AI the ideal foot and shoe match software is at your disposal.

It’s online shoe shopping reimagined.

Optimized Reconstruction

With our reconstruction techniques, it is now feasible to acquire a database of thousands of shoes in half size increments. Our proprietary shoe model generation techniques ensure we cover all variations in sizing, models and inventory.

Match Making Algorithm

Using the foot models from customers, we compare the compatibility to all the shoe models and sizes in our database. The ideal match is found through our own piece of magic. But a magician never reveals their tricks...

The Universole Fit digital features

We’re developing a web-plugin that will be compatible with a multitude of e-commerce platforms.

When dealing with customer data whether it is their foot model, retail preferences, or payment information privacy we make it anonymous as security is of the utmost importance.

Advanced Cyber Security

Every retailer we service has a unique e-commerce infrastructure. We act solely to improve your customer experience and will work with your current frame to integrate our plug-in. Retailer specific stock and pricing are just some of the customizable features.

Retailer Specific Information

Empower your growth

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