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Redefining the way we shoe shop online

We capture the unique structure of every individual foot and shoe, allowing consumers to purchase shoes that are properly suited to their feet. 

Simply install our web-plugin to your e-commerce platform. Using our tool, customers scan their feet and are recommended a shoe size in every model in your inventory.


Consumers are empowered to buy the shoes they want and neither consumers or retailers have to deal with the headache of shoe returns. 


Our Journey

Another injury left our co-founder Josh, a nationally ranked 5k runner, unable to compete at nationals. He was tired of his ill fitting shoes leading to injuries.


He realized he was not alone when he found out 63% of people are walking around in the incorrectly sized shoe. So why hadn't anyone done anything about it?

He went back to his biomedical engineering roots and decided to build a team to find an innovative, and accessible way to get everyone in the proper sized shoe.