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The future of online shoe shopping

Discover the technology helping consumers find a shoe that fits the first time


We’re changing the way the world thinks about buying shoes online

Every foot and shoe is unique.
So why are they sized generically?

By using a foot scan and 3D models of shoes, we now know the right shoe size, by brand, for each foot, without ever trying it on.


Helping retailers and consumers alike

Shoe Recommendation

We make it easy to integrate our sleek tool which recommends a shoe size for every model based on retailer specific stock.

Decrease Online Returns

More than 50% of online shoe returns are due to sizing inconsistencies. 78% of consumers are dissatisfied with the return process. This means retailers are losing money with the return process and potentially losing out on future sales as customers look elsewhere.

Recover Lost Revenue

Online shoe returns lead to 35% of lost revenue. This is due to the high rate of returns and the resulting restocking fees, discounting or disposal of returned footwear. Our minimal service fee means a substantial increase in profit margins.


A different approach, using our unique shoe database

We are the first company to create its own database of internal shoe measurements. The models we generate allows for shoe fitting with unprecedented accuracy.

The Consumer Story in Numbers


are wearing shoes that are incorrectly fit


are dissatisfied with the return process


experience online shoe sizing anxiety

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